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Ted Schaar freelance business writer

“The biggest value to customers is turnaround time,” Anderson said.  “Occasionally customer personnel have told me we’re slower than our competitors, but with Navigator we’ll leave the rest in the dust.” 

Other major Navigator benefits include the creation of a database that will allow users to adapt previous proposals to new situations and an improved reference system.

Navigator is a server-based, company-wide system that may be accessed from Novell or Unix and that is compatible with Mapics and the Data Warehouse. It will even allow more than one person to work on a proposal at the same time from different locations. 

Steve Harrison: “It’s really going to speed up interactions between all of our locations and our functional areas such as engineering, estimating, and sales. It will also provide a lot more consistency and help ensure that all project elements, including contract language, are in sync. That’s a huge advantage that surely impressed the InfoWorld judges.”

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