John S. Remembers
(From an e-mail he sent after reading the story.)
ŠTed Schaar 2009

Fab friday night

"I was at the show on September 4th.  It was a Friday night, and I was a 7th grader. 

"The Beatles were everything to me, and I attended with my cousin Bobby. We sat in the lower parquet, four rows from the floor, about 2/3 back from the stage. It was of course amazing!

"Waiting through the opening acts was tough until Jackie De Shannon's set. She was great, and I remember her covering 'Needles and Pins.'  The crowd loved it. Then Bob Barry came out for the big intro. He wore a Tux and stated all the rules to be observed if we wanted the show to go on. I talked to Nick Topping about 12 years ago, and he made it clear that they were worried about security and injuries to fans.

Eruption of sound

"When The Beatles hit the stage it was an immediate eruption of sound. Most of the time I put my fingers in my ears, which muted the screaming and allowed me to hear the music.  They sounded perfect, just like the records!

"We all tried to stand on the back of the seats, but the ushers were continually scolding us. They did let you stand on the seats though.

"It was over too fast! It was my first concert. The next one was at the Arena, too, The McCoys, The Beau Brummels, and Freddy and the Dreamers.  Not quite the same.

"This Saturday we are entertaining some folks (older than me).  Her first concert was Elvis in a southern movie theater, another great story."

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