Kay C. Remembers
(From an e-mail she sent after reading the story.)
ŠTed Schaar 2009

Binocs on her knees

"I attended, sat in the third row from the very top, and spent the entire time balancing my elbows on my knees, holding my dad's binocs. 

"Could barely survive through the opening acts, especially Jackie DeShannon.

"I went alone because none of my friends loved the 'boys' like I did. Got my ticket second-hand through WOKY radio because another fan was unable to go and the station announced some tickets available after-market. Mine cost a whole $5.00.

"In addition to the live show, my vivid memories revolve around waiting in line at the Uptown Theater for ticket sales to A Hard Days Night and striking up a friendship with one of the nieces of Nick Topping.

Collarless suit

"I, too, had a collarless suit which I sewed myself out of iridescent blue/black, just like the band had. 

"My bedroom had an entire wall papered with magazine photos, but it had to be the one you entered through so they weren't visible outside the room. 

"My parents were all in favor of my infatuation with first Ringo and then George because they wouldn't be able to 'hurt' me.

"Still a fan, still love the oldies, especially the Sgt. Pepper album.  Will never forget those years."

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