Margie B. Remembers
(From an e-mail she sent after reading the story.)
©Ted Schaar 2009

Crazy about The Beatles

"I was at the concert in Milwaukee. I was 16 and crazy about The Beatles, especially Paul—I wanted to marry him.

"My girfriend and I had seats in the 'nosebleed' section, until we decided to move down to the ground level during intermission.

"We ended up sitting together in one vacant seat in approximately the 10th row just before The Beatles came on.
I could not hear the concert because there was so much screaming.

"Even my girlfriend went nuts; she was jumping and screaming, and at one point took apart her baloney sandwich and threw the contents towards the stage. I just sat there in awe of seeing The Beatles in person, right there in front of me. We also stood watch across the street from their hotel, in anticipation of a glimpse of them, in case they peeked over the balcony. I remember one head momentarily did show, and eveyone sceamed—although we could not know if it was one of them or someone else with them.

"I was such a fan, I drew their pictures and made a scrapbook, and dreamed about hanging out with them.  My prized possessions are several photos I took with my Brownie camera at the Milwaukee concert. I want to get them copyrighted, however, before I do anything with them."

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