Shelly Remembers
(From an e-mail she sent after reading A Day In The Center Of Beatlemania.)
©Ted Schaar 2009

  One picture...

"I am the girl in the photo today in the Journal (Schaar note: The Milwaukee Journal's Jim Stingl wrote a story that mentioned my story on the concert's 45th anniversary, September 4, 2009, and included Shelley's photo).

"Jim Stingl did an interview with me back in 2000, as they ran my picture on the cover of the Wisconsin State Historical magazine and asked if anyone knew who I was. The funny thing is, they ran my picture every time they did a story on The Beatles, but no one ever asked who I was.

"I never volunteered the information, because I figured if they wanted to know they would ask. Anyway, when they ran the story, many people that I had not heard from in years wrote in, and now I am in contact on a regular basis with friends from junior high! Isn’t that great? I was 14 when the picture was taken.

Wis Hist Journ large
Shelley at The Beatles concert. Photo Taken by
a Milwaukee Journal Photographer.

Fab Mom

"That will always be to me the most exciting night of my life! My mom was a single mom, raising us with the help of my grandparents, and there really was not much extra money for anything. She bought us four tickets (my cousin Linda Keene Henegar is standing next to me), and it was very hard for her financially. It is something I will never forget…that she sacrificed to send us to that concert.

"They ran that picture so many times, I lost count and at age 51 I had my 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol always talked about when I was on the cover of the Wisconsin State Historical magazine. That is what started the whole thing."

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