Carelessness page 4
ŠTed Schaar 2017

Clinton was tough and resilient and didn't show any weakness while being detained into the night by the partisan Benghazi lynch mob; questioning was led by vilely sanctimonious former-federal-prosecutor-now-congressman Trey Gowdy.

Fundamentalist-nationalist-caveat-emptor capitalists—my name for individuals (often Republican) in America's right wing—detested Bill and Hillary Clinton not for any true criminality or abuse of power but what they stood for: equal opportunities and rights for all, including homosexuals; legal abortion; protection of the environment; single-payer healthcare; diplomacy over war; and other enlightened approaches and policies. 

These wonderfully advanced, humanist stands were defeated in the nation's highest election twice...because of carelessness.

And, in my time, I can't think of another administration, even Nixon's or Bush Jr.'s, that has imperiled US democracy more than Trump's. 

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