Corporate Neglect
ŠTed H. Schaar 2018

Production Numbers

The always helpful staff at Janesville’s Hedberg Public Library Information Desk researched total plant production at my request. Librarians found a front page article titled, “Sweet 16: Janesville's GM plant—one of the company's oldest—celebrates the production of its 16,000,000th vehicle,” in the August 24, 2005 edition of The Janesville Gazette. Additional Information Desk reviews of “GM Daily Newslines” and other Gazettes indicated 106,000 vehicles were made in 2006; 187,610 in 2007; 153,740 in 2008; and 25,818 in 2009.  Totals for September, October, November, and December 2005 weren’t available so the 2006 production figure of 106,000 was divided by three to estimate about 35,000 vehicles were manufactured during those months.  All told, slightly more than 500,000 vehicles were produced from September 2005 until the plant closed in 2009.  Added to the 16,000,000 Gazette figure published in 2005, total production was above 16,500,000. 

Average Vehicle Value 2018

“Irvine, Calif., February 1, 2018. The analysts at Kelley Blue Book today reported the estimated average transaction price for light vehicles in the United States was $36,270 in January 2018.” 

Mary Barra Salary

“GM CEO Barra 2016 compensation down after one-time 2015 awards.” Reuters April 3, 2017 (reporter, Nick Carey)—"General Motors Chief Executive Mary Barra’s salary, bonus, and awards dropped more than 20 percent in 2016 because of one-time awards that boosted her salary the previous year, the company said in a regulatory filing on Monday.  According to the filing, Barra’s total compensation for 2016 was $22.6 million, down from $28.6 million a year earlier.” 

Mary Barra GM Stock

“The Top General Motors Shareholders.”  Investopedia, April 13, 2018, Timothy Smith. “Mary Barra...who is General Motors' first female CEO, was also elected chairman of the company’s board in January 2016. She is the largest individual shareholder owning 696,981 shares as of the filing on February 13, 2018.”

Corporate Neglect