David S. Remembers
(From e-mails he sent after visiting fab4milwaukee.com.)
ŠTed Schaar 2010

Crowd pleasers

"I was 13, and when the show was over, I was out front waiting for my dad to pick me up and this huge limo was passing in front of the Arena. Everyone thought the Beatles were in it and rushed the limo. But a policeman shouted through a microphone, "The Beatles have left the Arena...The Beatles have left the Arena."

"Also, there was a ring of police sitting around the stage and sometimes people threw stuff onto the stage. At one point, a wadded-up paper ball landed close to Lennon. He picked it up and threw it towards Paul, and Paul threw it back at John. Very funny.

"I sat in the upper section and the girls were screaming the whole time, you really could barely hear the music.  I remember seeing one other band before The Beatles and it had a female singer.  Nobody wanted to see anyone else. I might have gotten there too late to see the other opening acts.

Fueling the fire

"The Beatles only played for a half hour; ten songs and they included two of my favorites, 'All My Loving' and 'You Can't Do That.'

"Whenever they would do the wooos or if Paul did the high wooo on 'All My Loving,' the scream volume of the girls went up so much you couldn't hear The Beatles on that one part.   Everyone knew when those parts were coming, because we all had been listening to their music every day on the radio and on their albums that we played every day.

Radio connection

"My Mom worked at WOKY, the top 40 radio station in Milwaukee at the time and used to give me records from the station before they were actually released. So I could amaze my friends at school by having 'Do You Want to Know a Secret?' a full week before it came out.

"I actually lost my ticket the week before the concert, and my mom was able to call up and arrange a will-call ticket for me. I had gotten Meet The Beatles for Christmas when I was only 12 and the show was the following September and they already had three more albums out.

"Just some extra stuff I remember, and go ahead and use it for your site.  I'm glad to be able to contribute."

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