Nancy K. Remembers
(From an e-mail she sent after reading the story and

her responses to e-mailed questions.)
ŠTed Schaar 2013


"I have never written up a 'story' for you. There really isn't much to add. We had seats on the opposite end of the Arena from the Beatles, but just the fact that we were THERE and breathing the same air as the Beatles was all that we cared about."

Helpful dad

"My dad went out on his lunch hour and purchased the tickets. We couldn't afford $5.50, so we had to get the $3.50 tickets. 

"I lived on the northwest side of Milwaukee. My neighbor friend, Mary, who was a year older than me, and I took a city bus downtown. Her younger sister, 11, couldn't go because she was too young. I can only imagine her anguish! 

"We went early enough (so we could) go out to eat first and then walk to the Arena. My dad picked us up afterward. He worked at City Hall and was able to park there.

"We could only hear the first few chords of each song, enough to know what song it was, then all the screaming became too loud to hear much of anything else."

Lifelong fan

"The license plate on my car is BEATLFN, and I just saw Paul for the 5th time, 17th row, center, right in line with Paul's mike at Miller Park 7-16-13. I have some great pictures on Flickr and videos on YouTube. WisconsinMom is my name.  (To view Nancy's videos, visit and search for 'paul mccartney miller park 2013 WisconsinMom'; her photos are at  Paul's shows are always fantastic. He's such a perfectionist.

"I also saw Ringo in the 90s but never saw John or George solo."


Nancy saved the items below and sent scans.  In the fall of 2014, they will be 50 years old.

"I honestly don't remember (when I wrote the above song titles down), but I think after the concert.  Although
I have vague recollections of writing them down at the concert, we had MUCH better memories in those days!"


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